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IL Active Shooter-Killer

IL Body Worn Video Recordings

IL Canine

IL Crowd Control

IL De-Escalation LLRMI

IL Death Reporting

IL Duty to Intervene

IL Filming Officers

IL Internal Affairs

IL Internal Investigations – Retaliation Prohibited

IL Lock-Up Facility

IL Officer Involved Death Incident Investigation

IL Persons of Diminished Capacity

IL Response to Active Resistance

IL Search and Seizure Residences

IL Search Warrants Execution

IL Sex Harassment – Sexual Discrimination

IL Social Networking

IL Stop Arrest and Search of Persons

IL Audits and Inspections

IL Biased Based Policing

IL Bloodborne Pathogens

IL Body Armor

IL BolaWrap

IL Bomb Threat

IL Cellular Phone

IL Combat Tourniquets

IL Community Engagement Policy

IL Confidential Informants

IL Connors Law


IL Criminal Investigation

IL Critical Incident

IL Deaf and Hearing Impaired

IL Dog an Effective Response

IL Domestic Misconduct

IL Domestic Violence

IL Driver Privacy Protection

IL DUI Guidelines

IL Duty to Disclose

IL Early Intervention

IL Ethics

IL Excited Delirium

IL Fentanyl Protection

IL Fire Safety Burning Buildings

IL Firearms Concealed Carry

IL Firearms Restraining Order

IL Firing Range Safety

IL Foot Pursuit

IL Fraternization

IL Hiring

IL Hostage – Barricaded Person

IL Identification Process

IL Interview and Interrogation

IL Less Lethal Baton

IL Less Lethal Impact Munitions

IL Less Lethal Pepperball

IL Limited English Proficiency

IL Missing Persons

IL Mobile Computer Use


IL Narcotic Overdose – Intranasal Naloxone

IL Off-Duty Action

IL Patrol Rifle

IL Patrol Shotgun

IL Pepperball

IL Persons with Disabilities ADA

IL Pharmaceutical Disposal

IL Police Motorcycle

IL Post Shootings

IL Prescription Drug

IL Property and Evidence

IL Public Safety Cameras

IL Restraint Spit Hood

IL Returning Veterans

IL Ride Along

IL Safe Storage of Firearms

IL Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents

IL Safeguarding Children Paper

IL Seat Belt

IL Secondary Employment Policy

IL Sexual Assault Investigations – Rape Kits

IL Sexual Assault Officer Involved Investigation

IL Sexual Misconduct

IL Silver Alert

IL Social Media Investigation

IL Special Operations

IL Stop Stick

IL Suspicious Persons

IL Thermal Imaging

IL Tow Rotation List

IL Traffic Safety Checkpoint

iL Training

IL Transportation and Restraining of Prisoners

IL Trust Act

IL Unmanned Aircraft System

IL Vehicle Inspection

IL Vehicle Inventories

IL Vehicle Pursuit

IL Vehicle Searches

IL Volunteers

Effective January 1, 2020, the Illinois Workplace Transparency Act requires annual sexual harassment training for all employers who have at least one employee. Employers who do not comply with the law will be subject to civil penalties.