ICRMT Services

Insurance and Risk Management Services for Illinois Public Entities

Since 1983, ICRMT has been a leading provider of insurance and risk management services tailored to Illinois public entities. ICRMT’s programs are designed to meet the needs of both first dollar and self-insured clients, and our integrated approach to loss control, claims, and litigation can be tailored to fit the needs of your entity.

Claims Management

ICRMT brings industry-leading experience in the management of public entity claims. Let us put our specialized expertise to work helping you improve quality control and cost containment.

Nurse Case Management

Our Case Management program ensures that employees get back to work in the timeliest manner possible while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Risk Management

From law enforcement risk management to auto-exposure, ICRMT’s risk management program assists public entities to manage risk across a broad range of coverages.

“ICRMT has helped us to be proactive in Risk Management. They make available web-based training to our officers covering high-risk categories. They provide model policies and policy review by legal experts which lead us to make several changes to our existing policies or adopt their model policies to reduce risk.”

Bruce D.