The United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI), sponsoring organization for the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT), the ICRMT, and IPMG leadership continue to work collaboratively to assist ICRMT members to combat the spread COVID-19. To that end, these organizations have been in contact with a bulk sanitizing company offering their products and services to units of local government. We have been able to negotiate favorable discounts and shipping costs due to the strength of volume the combined group offers.

Express Chem is a St. Louis-based company who is a bulk supplier of FDA-approved liquid sanitizers (hand sanitizer and industrial sanitizer).  You can download a product guide to view product details, availability, and pricing by clicking here. The product is shipped from the company’s warehouses in East St. Louis and North Chicago.

Ryan McCreery of the UCCI will serve as the liaison between the company and UCCI/ICRMT members. For questions, or for information on how to place an order, contact Ryan at and he will connect you with the appropriate company staff.